Thursday 12 June 2008

InBev Bids for A-B

There's a bit of me that says the InBev plan to take over Budweiser brewer Anheuser-Busch is a bit like when a wasp lands on a nettle - someone's going to get stung and you don't really mind who!

However, joking aside, since I first heard this rumour six weeks ago it has raised some serious concerns for me about the global domination of the beer market by one company.

Although I have a lot of respect for InBev UK's, often successful, attempts to galvanise the speciality market - despite having the increasingly heavy weight of Stella around their neck - there have been some poor decisions at an international level which, in my mind, raise questions about InBev's genuine commitment to quality over quantity.

The attempts to close the Hoegaarden brewery last year and the brand cuts in its speciality brand portfolio in the UK - not to mention brewing whatever it is they think is Bass - are bad enough but just as A-B is really starting to take its more craft brew brands seriously (I am informed by sources Stateside) it would be a real shame if they were to be swallowed by a company which doesn't seem to get ale.

Anyway, off the heavy stuff for two reasons, firstly I'm not sure InBev will pull it off and secondly because I could go on forever about this sort of takeover, but - just in case InBev manages it - I'd like to hear suggestions on what the new name could be (keep it relatively clean please!). BudBev, InBud, A-Bev?

What's your suggestion?