Monday 25 February 2008

Networking Opportunities

Morning all, just a quick one to say there are two new beery social networking sites.

First is Democracy's Drink and the second is the Aleumenati - interesting move forward from the blog culture to facebook-esque networking sites.

Looking forward to see how these develop and may even set up one for a new business I'll be announcing later this week... watch this space!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention, Melissa, and it's great to have you on board with the Aleuminati!

Anonymous said...

Both appear simply to generate spam.

Melissa Cole said...

Hi Anonymous,
Could you clarify your comments as I haven't had spam from either of these sites and wouldn't want to recommend anything that encouraged spamming, if you would like to email me specific examples then I'll happily look at them.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome: a facebook for beer lovers! Now I don't have to filter out all those boring other people. Thanks for the drop.

So far I've seen nothing spammish.