Friday, 28 March 2008

Camino Out and Play

Well done to the lovely Richard Bigg and his team at Camino on winning Best Bar in the Observer Food Monthly Awards.

The venue, just a stone's throw from King's Cross and St Pancras, is simply one of my favourite places in the capital, I just wish it was a bit closer to where I live!

With beer served in frozen glasses for that fabulous 'oh my god I'm on holiday' vibe, this tapas bar and Spanish restaurant with its separate entrances, which does nothing to undermine the vibe, awesome graffitti and great service is simply divine.

And they don't just have a boring bog-standard blonde Cerveza list, they actually bother with tasting notes and exciting brews - see below for their offerings and may I suggest you book now because the minute the rest of the world discovers this relaxed food and drink wonderland it's going to be busy!

Cruzcampo (de barril) 5.0% Bright golden pilsner style. Crisp, clean + refreshing premium lager from Seville £2.00 (1/2 pint frozen mug) / £3.45 (pint) / £6.90 (2 pint jug)

Alhambra Premium 4.6% 330ml Rounded, smooth, easy & well balanced lager from Granada £2.90

Estrella Damm 4.6% 330ml The smell is of faint grain with a touch of smoked veggies and some husk £3.20

Ambar 1900 'La Zaragozana' 4.8% 330ml Pale ale from Aragón. Characterful + creamy, gutsy with good body £3.20

Amber Negra 4.8% 330ml Soft, smooth and malty stout from Aragon £3.20


Anonymous said...

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Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

Its awesome when tasting notes describe the technical flaws in the beer.

Smoked vegies and husk, DMS.

I think with those beers you would want them chilled beyond tasting.

Anonymous said...

Estrella Damm is truly diabolical

Andy Holmes said...

Estrella Damm is awful yes, however, when served ice cold with fried squid rings, a view of the Med and sand under your table it can be an enjoyable experience. Remember though, buy small quantities and drink fast!