Friday 14 May 2010

A Large Offering of Otley

Those lovely boys at Otley are having an almighty beer festival this weekend at their brewery tap the Bunch of Grapes if you happen to be around the Pontypridd area.

I'm hoping to get them to London for a meet the brewer soon to showcase what I hope will be an awesome ale I'm off to brew with them soon.

For the first time, the entire range of Otley beers will be served at the pub over the weekend, including its latest seasonal beer –O-Mai, a 4.3%, light amber, hoppy ale flavoured with hints of raspberry. The pub, run by Otley, will be setting up a festival bar to serve the range which includes:

Otley O1
Otley O2
Otley O3 Boss
Otley O4 Colombo
Otley O5 Gold
Otley O6 Porter
Otley O8
Otley OG
Otley Dark O
Otley O-Garden
Otley 11O38
Otley Croeso
Otley Motley Brew
Otley O Mai
Otley OF
Otley O HO HO


Barry M said...

Reading that list has started me chanting "Oggy Oggy Oggy! Oi Oi Oi!" in my head. Thankfully only in my head! So far...

ZakAvery said...

The Bunch of Grapes is a great pub - absurdly tucked away, but everything you might want from a pub.