Tuesday 14 August 2007

Beer - it's Your Friend

There are truly crap days that, and I know this makes me sound like the lush I am, can only be solved by having a damn good beer at the end of them.

There's something really very soothing about being able to sit on your own couch, when the other half has gone out to watch the footy, and have a quiet beer.

And this evening I tried, I must admit with a little bit of trepidation, the bottle of Spaten I got sent recently by Wychwood and I have to say it's really very pleasant.

Now, it's never going to set the world alight because it's not outstandingly different from many decent German lagers but there's nothing like finding a cold beer in the fridge that you forgot you had and being able to crack it open when you thought you were going to have go out in the pissing rain (in August!!) just to get one poxy pint.

It's got lovely warm malt flavours and just the right amount of - I'm going to guess here - Saaz hops to balance it out. And at 5.2% has managed to take the edge off it all.

Thanks to the guys at Wychwood, you've just made my day a little less... well, crap really!


ChaslyWV said...

Just found your blog, Melissa (via a link from Real Beer News).
I like your refreshing style.

Melissa Cole said...

thanks for your kind words there Chasly

Stonch said...

If you like Spaten I'm sure you'd love the stuff from the smaller breweries in Bavaria. Most of them don't distribute beyond the village in which they brew, let alone export though.

Why do I feel like an evangelist since I returned from Franconia.

Anonymous said...

Stonch my boy, you feel that way because evangelists are passionate, whereas geeks are a bore.

It was one of Wilde's...

Anonymous said...

Which Spaten beer did you have?

I like the Spaten line of beers except for the Spaten Optimator (Doppel Bock).

Melissa Cole said...

Hi Dustin,
It was just the Munich lager, but I thought it was jolly nice in a 'cold lager when much-needed' kind of way! I'm like that with most lagers though, whilst I appreciate their subtlties and the work that goes into a lot of them I can't ever get totally over-excited about one to date.