Monday 6 August 2007

Strength of Will - or Lack Thereof

What is it that makes you go out and drink too much the Sunday before you know you've got a big week coming up?

What is this masochistic tendency in some of us (and most definitely me) that surfaces at this time? Answers on a postcard please...

Anyway, as you may be able to tell I'm feeling a bit fraglie this morning but am very excited about the week ahead as the Great British Beer Festival has arrived!

I'm delighted to say I'm judging tomorrow, please god don't let it be fruit beers again, but before that I'm organising a drinks reception on behalf of the Guild at the White Horse in Parson's Green in memory of John White - so hopefully that should be a good bash although I'm not sure how well it will set me up for judging the next morning or meeting the various mates I'm supposed to throughout the day!!!!!!

But the point of this blog is not to bemoan my liver's fate but to talk about beer and I'm delighted to say that I've got a new one to talk about having tried it recently and that's Titan Ale from Watch City Brewing - it's a hop monster and a half with wonderful zingy citrus notes that goes down far too easily on a summer's day - and at 6% it is one to watch out for!

Trust me, this is one legendary beer.


Anonymous said...

You need to elaborate - Watch City sounds American, so you need to include some more clues as to provenance, origination - after all, what else are journalists for? Maje us care and need it!

What did you judge today?

-- sid

Melissa Cole said...

Absolutely right Sid, I do apologise, a well deserved bollocking! It is indeed an American beer, I was drinking it in the Rake and I think Utobeer might have an exclusive on it but I shall find out if it's available anywhere else.