Sunday, 23 September 2007

Discounted Beer!

The nice people at are trying to build their beer portfolio, which can only be seen as admirable, and are offering the readers of this blog a 10% discount.

But what can you expect? Well they are the only people to sell Henley-brewed Lovibonds and they were nice enough to send me some bottles.

Henley Gold, the 4.6% wheat beer, is refreshing and sufficiently unusual to appeal to my traditionally wheat beer-hating other half, with lovely banana notes on the nose and a really crisp green apple aftertaste.

I personally loved the Henley Dark, a 4.8% rich porter with lightly smoked notes, which is made with a blend of seven different malted barleys including one smoked with local beech wood from the surrounding hills of the Chilterns. Perfect as the nights close in.

So, for a discounted price on these and some other English ales visit Surf4Wine and enter ENGBEER as your discount code.


Stonch said...

I liked the Lovibond's beers too - this was my take on them:

Lovibonds of Henley

Anonymous said...

Alas one of those evil cybersquatters has the .com. Surf4Wine are at

Melissa Cole said...

thank you I have now amended this : )