Friday 14 September 2007

Slightly Off Pissed

Iceland - what a funny country it is. Booze is so expensive it makes Londoners take a sharp intake of breath and, in my experience, they are, as a nation, either gorgeously smiley and friendly or staggeringly rude.

However, Hotel 101 and the Seafood Cellar in Reykjavik are absolutely outstanding and outside the capital - which is surrounded by a frighteningly lunar landscape on one side and a very industrial harbour on another - there are some staggeringly beautiful sights like geysers and amazing waterfalls.

Beer is the most affordable drink out there, at around £5 for a bottle, but all I could find was relatively pedestrian lager - nothing too wrong with it nothing terribly right to be honest. Egils Premium at 5.7% and Viking at 5.6% were okay though.

I was actually there with Martin Miller's Gin which, whilst distilled in this country, is shipped to Iceland to be blended with the water due to its purity, and not only were the PR and brand people lovely so is the product - citrus and fragrant without being 'old ladies perfume' it's the only gin I've ever been able to taste and appreciate neat, good work guys!

A special mention has to go to the funniest man I've met in years however, Andie Jones from Player magazine - I haven't laughed so hard in a long time - mate, you're a legend.


Anonymous said...

God, I remember drinking "Gull" Icelandic beer in the Keflavik airport. it was, without question, the worst European beer I've ever had.

A small part of me died that day...

Melissa Cole said...

Hmm, I'm not surprised - you should get that bit of you back in the company of the great Mr Oliver however - have fun; I'm looking forward to meeting him next month when he's over for a wood-aged beer seminar.

Anonymous said...

You were right, Melissa. The Brooklyn and Schnieder Hopfen-Weizen restored that part of my essence which "Gulol" had withered away. Garrett's a good guy, too. Ask him about his sauna hijinks in Finland.