Monday 12 November 2007

Oldies but Goldies at White Horse

The White Horse is holding an old ale festival for the 25th year in a row on November 23 - I'm potentially running a seminar too, could be aimed at getting girls to like beer more so if you've got a wife/girlfriend or mate who needs convincing watch this space for some help!

The event starts on November 23, at 5pm, and runs over three days until the evening of Sunday November 25, with at least 50 beers representing these historic styles from around the world.

Large and small family, regional and microbrewers alike will feature in the White Horse’s festival line-up – with such name as Harveys, Bateman’s and Fullers, Freeminer, Brew Dog and Cottage all being represented.

And, subject to availability, the line up could also be supplemented by some of our innovative brewing cousins from over the water as well as up to 10 European beers and six ciders too.

Other events are planned throughout the weekend, live music on Friday and Saturday night, Morris Dancing from the Leominster Morris on Sunday, and live Jazz to nicely bring the festival to a close on Sunday afternoon. The BBQ will be running all weekend - featuring a hog and buffalo roast – and for those looking for some traditional pub entertainment there will be a variety of bar games like Shove Ha’Penny and Pub Skittles scattered around the pub for everybody’s enjoyment.


Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

Its a real issue trying to get women to try beer, so many say they hate beer without having ever tried anything but cheap lager as teenagers. I managed to get a female coworker to try Guinness Nigerian FES the other day and she was blown away, it was the first beer she had ever tasted that she would drink. Not what most of us would think of an an entry level beer but it worked.

Anonymous said...

How odd, my only experience of Nigeran Guinness FES was at a mulit-Guinness tasting I decided to organise with colleagues one afternoon at Brakspear's (R.I.P., in Henley at least) - the FES was if I remember correctly, universally hated for it's weird cough-syrup meets coal tar mess of a flavour! One of the last beers I could imagine enticing any non-beer-lover, but hey ho, each to her own! (for a bit more info on that tasting - ) Cheers MikeMcG

Anonymous said...

You write very well.