Wednesday 25 February 2009


I got an email promoting this entertaining t-shirt today, and I rather like it.

Other things I like this week:

Zeitgeist - BrewDog is launching its new black lager, which is jolly tasty - although not the first in the UK, despite what the press release says.

Diageo celebrating Guinness's birthday - I don't understand the company, its communications strategy or why they aren't making more play on the Original product during the brand's 250th year but I like that they are celebrating its birthday with some gusto - good work.

Goldminer - I know I might be a bit behind the rest of the world on this, but if you've got a Co-Op nearby get yourself some Goldminer, it's a top-quality British bitter.

That my mild's ready!!! I'll get to taste the final blend this weekend, can't wait, thanks Stuart at Sharp's and keep an eye out for it beer lovers!

New figures from the Society of Independent Brewers showing craft beer sales are up 10% and set to grow 15% this year - keep supping people!

Things I don't like this week:

Contrived articles - there are a couple of very contrived and poorly-written articles in the trade press this week, clearly generated by brewers with a jealousy agenda who are being pandered to by poor hacks. Seriously guys, pack it in!

Daas Witte Beer - the blonde's okay in a lagery 'I'd happily drink it if it was put in front of me' kind of way, but the witte is very sickly sweet - and I'm not fond of the marketing materials either, the orgy-suggestion just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid!

Insomnia - seriously, a girl needs her sleep, if it doesn't show what time this was posted it's 5.56 of the a.m. and I've got a session with my trainer at 7.30 - urgh!

Time - or the fact that I'm running out of it before my wedding on Saturday. Yep, that's right, the other half finally lost his marbles after 10 years and we're getting hitched, so I'll be missing in action for a bit drinking Carib in the Caribbean and, hopefully, watching England win the Test series... okay drinking Carib in the Caribbean it is then!


Dubbel said...

Enjoy your big day Melissa. We'll try and drink your share of the Welsh beers on Saturday!

The Beer Nut said...

I think Diageo's strategy is to suggest that, in 1759, Arthur Guinness began brewing nitrogenated stout at 4.2% ABV. Telling people that there was no stout made by Guinness for several years after he leased the brewery would be confusing.

Congrats for Saturday, and look out for the Guinness and Red Bull.

Melissa Cole said...

Thanks ever so much guys, but who said I won't be at the Welsh Beer Festival? It's starting on Sunday.