Friday 20 February 2009

Say What You See

I know some of you guys have expressed some disdain for the Guardian recently but I actually laughed out loud for quite some time at the headline on the e-version this morning.

I really hope that the sub who wrote this gets a bonus, the sarcasm is so thick you couldn't chop your way through with a machete!


Anonymous said...

He most amusing this of the whole debacle is the fact that people are demanding the head of the ECB if the ECB had a greater burden of due dilligence than the FSA, all the international financial regulators and the body who hands out knighthoods.

Glenda Young said...

Meliisa, sorry this is unconnected to the blog post! I'm off to Leuven this coming weekend, lovely Belgian beer, etc. Any pointers for excellent bars there?

Glenda Young said...

Am back from lovely Leuven, wonderful city, beautiful beer.