Saturday 28 March 2009

Tip Top Beer Festival

Le Gothique is the place in Wandsworth that did my wedding reception and totally blew me away, completely exceeded all my expectations and are just gorgous people in a gorgeous building - therefore I am really looking forward to going to their beer festival this evening - may see you there!


Gorilla Bananas said...

Do women ever get beer bellies? Or do they get beer bums instead?

Ed said...

Were there many beer left when you got there? I went Sat afternoon and it seemed to be running low then.

Melissa Cole said...

Hey Ed, I didn't make it Saturday as I wasn't well but when I went on Sunday there were about 10 beers left and all in nice nick so I think as far as a first effort goes I think it's a gold star.

It's how they build from here that's the key but, knowing these guys personally, I'm sure they'll do a good job and I'm sure they'd appreciate any feedback you've got.