Thursday 16 July 2009

Come Over to the Dark Side

Brewdog is offering a whopping 70% discount on its 4.9% Zeitgeist dark lager to readers of this blog.

And in addition it gives you the opportunity to take ownership of the Zeitgeist blog and website; the idea being the creation of a whole alternative community online.

People can blog about anything: beer, art, film, culture and you can also upload movies, pictures and anything else you want, allowing the direction of the discussions and posts to set the tone of the site.

All you have to do to be able to blog is to buy some beer for the brewery's online shop and to get your 70% discount just type in SHEEP - which I'm sure isn't a social comment in any way!


Jason B. Standing said...

Booooooooooooooooo... just read this, but the code doesn't seem to work now :(

Would really like to try it. Any idea who stocks it in London?

Melissa Cole said...

Stalking you all over cyberspace to give you a response but can't seem to email you!

Just contacted BrewDog about this, apologies, should have an answer soon.


Melissa Cole said...

Here's the advice from BrewDog:

After entering it you have to click the ‘Apply’ icon to the right of the text box you enter it in.

Hope this helps.


Shey said...

Melissa, it still doesn't seem to work. Have I missed the boat?

Melissa Cole said...

It seemed to work for me, did you hit apply?

Melissa Cole said...

if you are still having problems can you email please? I'm very confused!!! But that's normal...