Wednesday 1 July 2009

Tapping into the American Dream

Ooooh have I got news for you! To mark the start of the American beer festival at the White Horse this weekend (will sooo see you there!) there's a massive whisky-aged cask of Meantime's London Porter being tapped at noon on Friday.

I'm not sure what this has to do with the American festival and care even less because I can't wait to try it!

The American beers at the festival will include cask brews from Sierra Nevada,which I love, Victory which I've only tried bottled of and am a bit ambivalent about at this stage and Stone Brewery - which is bringing out the big guns in the form of a smoked porter with vanilla pods in the cask, a Pale Ale with coriander and an extra oak-chipped version of Arrogant Bastard – all of which will have extra dry hops in the cask to keep the beers in tip top condition.

Keg beers on offer will include a choice from the Goose Island,Flying Dog, Anchor, Great Divide and Left Hand Breweries and Victory Prima Pils, as well as a selection of English Ales using American hops, like Saltaire's Cascade and Brodies' Californian.

As I said, see you there!

Reader information: I did do some work with the White Horse on the American Beer Festival but was not paid for this post


Rob said...

Sounds like a pritty exiting event. Wish I lived near you, as I doubt anywhere near Alnwick would consider hosting such an event. Instead Im getting in what bottle stock I can from my nearest speciality beer shop for my own American beer night.

ATJ said...

I love Victory’s beers: Storm King and Prima Pils sit in the cellar contemplating life while Golden Monkey and Hop Wallop have been guests in the past. I don’t normally envy folk stuck in London at the weekend but I would gladly hop on the train for this beano.

You’ll be drinking in moderation of course…

Sid Boggle said...

Victory has in the past casked sublime versions of Storm King and Hop Devil, notably for GBBF's BSF bar. The recipes appear to have changed over the years, and the bottled versions are underwhelming interpretations of the draught - you should do a fact-finding trip to the brewery... ;-)

Cooking Lager said...

Cask from Sierra Nevada? It's getting around. Had some of that at a CAMRA beer festival recently, of all places. Very nice. Wasn't cheap though.