Monday 5 October 2009

Crystal Ball Gazing

For the past year I've been predicting that, when the new cask ale figures come out for 08/09, that there would be a positive growth shown - and I'm delighted to say this is indeed the case!

The Cask Ale Report, authored by that top bloke Pete Brown, has clearly shown that cask is in the ascendency, and you can read a bit more here.

What really interested me, at first glance, was this graph - which backs up CAMRA's research earlier this year that more women are drinking cask ale...

Sorry to make this brief but I'm up to my eyeballs in it right now and will write something more extensive later... along with a bit on Left Hand complete with pics from before my camera died in the US!


Julie Herd Goodman said...

What we really need is to get cask ale in tap more prevalently in the US. It's pretty rare to find, even in the SF bay area. I think that there's only a couple of pubs that have any on tap at all (the late Mr. Brand could have named them off hand). I'd be willing to bet that 98% of pub goer's have no clue as to what cask ale is.

Melissa Cole said...

Ahh, but the difference is the US craft keg beer market is significantly more developed and tastier than the majority of the keg market over here (with the exception of some artisan lager brewers and a couple of brewers who selectively keg beers that suit the style).

Julie Herd Goodman said...

Ahhh...well that explains a few things. When I walked into the Rake, I fully expected a giant wall of taps. That's what I've come to expect over here when someone talks about a great pub with a good selection.

I was really surprised at how tiny the interior of the Rake was. But the selection of bottled beer available was awesome and surprising (and even a little overwhelming). The company was pretty kickin' too!