Wednesday 7 October 2009


Following the huge success of the last meet the brewer session with America’s Odell’s brewery we thought we’d continue our transatlantic theme by offering consumers the chance to meet the US’s only Abbey brewer and experience some award-winning beers from Sonoma County.

This Saturday lovebeer@borough has Brian Hunt from Moonlight showcasing his beers, and we will also be introducing some beers from Moonlight’s neighbouring brewery Bear Republic – including Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner Racer 5 IPA.

Brian will be bringing with him some incredibly rare beers, the likes of which you will be hard pushed to find outside his California heartland. Just some of the beers on offer will be Reality Czeck-Style Pils, Twist of Fate Bitter Ale, Bombay by Boat IPA and Death & Taxes Black Beer.

Secondly, Brian & I will be showcasing some beers from Sonoma County's Bear Republic – who sadly haven’t been able to make the hop over the pond to join us - including GABF gold medal winner Racer 5 IPA, a speeding bullet of flavour that will run over your senses and worth the price of admission alone.

Having just come back from judging at the Great American Beer Festival I can confirm that the US is at the cutting edge of the brewing scene right now and these are two fine exponents of American brewing ingenuity.

Moonlight’s unique Abbey connection may hark back to the Belgian tradition of brewing as a way for monks to make money to support the community but its beers are all-American without doubt; and Bear Republic’s brews deserve their award-winning status for balancing character & drinkability so delicately.

Entrance price is £15 as usual BUT this time we're holding the sessions at 1pm and 3.30pm.

Available from Utobeer on Borough Market or the Rake (14 Winchester Walk, Borough Market, London, SE1 9AG) or via or calling 020 7378 9461.

*This post is for the beer tasting business I am a co-owner of*


Sid Boggle said...

Cracking afternoon, even without the Bear Republic - Brian Hunt is one of the more entertaining and thoughtful brewers, and doesn't he brew lovely beer?

Melissa Cole said...

he's an absolute honey, loved hosting it

MicMac said...

Hi Melissa,
Brian's just given The Rake a plug over on

I've heard great things about his beers, but I am a bit confused about the abbey connection?

With his website talking of St Humulus, I'm assuming he's taking the mick? :~)

I have a few US beauties including Racer5 in the cupboard waiting for me.