Friday 6 November 2009

Stout Competition

Here's an interesting one, am at a European Beer Consumers Union event and I've just heard this top bit of gossip; apparently somewhere in Dublin tonight there's going to be a 'taste-off' of all the major stout brands: Guinness, Beamish, Murphy's, O'Hara's and Molly's Chocolate Stout, with the blessing of all the big breweries!

Can't wait to see the results later this evening, will keep you up to date as and when I get the results!

Read the full results on Beer Nut's website Irish Craft Brewer.


The Beer Nut said...

Last I heard, the Supreme Court were looking at the results, and deciding whether there should be a recount, or if there were any irregularities.

But rest assured, if the wrong result comes through we'll just run it again in a few months' time. It's what we do...

Melissa Cole said...

So no word yet then?! How annoying!

Séan Billings said...

Ok, I'm going to bite the bullet (no reference to you Barry) and reveal the baffling results of the blind tasting of stouts by random stout drinkers found in O'Neill's, on Dulbin's Suffolk Street, last Friday.

Although there wans't much in it, the winner was Guinness, followed by O'Hara's, Beamish, Murphy's and Molly's chocolate stout.

Apparently Molly's was most popular with the female tasters, but they represent a tiny proportion of stout drinkers.

I suppose a lot of people are just so used to the dumbed down, bland beers that the big boy's have been producing for years, that they have come to prefer them.

Laurent Mousson said...

Could this possibly be a case of "Coca-cola syndrome" ?
...i.e. a situation where most consumer consider one company's product to embody a given kind of food/drink and therefore said consumers tend to prefer that product as it's "the original" and they recognise it, not because of its actual taste ?

Darcy Rodger said...

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