Wednesday 9 December 2009

99 Beer Followers on the Wall

Just a random post to say I've got 99 followers on this blog - who's going to be 100?!

I may send them a bottle of special beer, now there's a shameless bit of bribery, should I censor censure myself given my previous comments about ethics?!

Discuss... : )


Mister Pivo said...

No bribing sometimes is good.

Congrats on number 100 from your number 100!

Mister Pivo

Paul Bailey said...

Just missed it by one, by the looks of it!

Melissa Cole said...

Ah, Mister Pivo, you need to send me your address via email melissa(at)

Sorry you missed it Paul but welcome nonetheless.


What's in a Naim said...

As member 99 (I believe) all I can say is cheers to Mister Pivo and raise a glass to him! :)

Pete said...

Just found your blog via the Norwegian chap called Knut. I really like the name of your blog! Having scrolled it looks good, I'll call in regularly from now on.