Thursday 17 December 2009

Festive Foodie Fun

Good afternoon all!

Well, as we all wait for that snow to fall let me just give you something to look forward to, my festive food & beer tasting at Borough on Sunday.

Rather than rushing around a dull supermarket, the market is open on Sunday so why not enjoy some artisan food & drink charms and then wind-down with one of my tasting sessions.

An absolute bargain at just £25, for beers like Gale's Prize Old Ale '07 Vintage, Fuller's 2009 Vintage, Bateman's Rosey Nosey, O, Ho, Ho from Otley and a special Santa surprise of very rare proportions!

These will be matched with such delights as Mrs King's award-winning pies, cheese from Neal's Yard, some superb smoked salmon and seriously indulgent choccy delights - all sourced from the market.

So, if you fancy coming along then you can get tickets at the Rake or the Utobeer stand on Borough Market, or if you email with a phone number we'll call for a card payment.


* this post is for my beer tasting business*


Mark, said...

Oooh I'd like to come down for a a festive tasting.

Doing our own on Sunday, Christmas dinner for Leeds folk before we go our separate ways for the holidays, I'm in charge of cheese and beer and a joint of ham!

Sid Boggle said...

The picture on the poster does you absolutely no credit, Melissa...

Melissa Cole said...

Sorry Sid, but I am a beer bird!!!

Melissa Cole said...

@Mark - I will be posting a very long, complicated but bloody gorgeous Christmas ham and Boston-inspired bean stew over the weekend.

As for cheese & beer matches: Aged Gouda & Boon Oude Geuze Mariage Parfait, Chalky's Bite with Llawnroc Cornish Brie/young goat's cheese, Dark Star Sunburst with young Wensleydale, White Shield with Montgomery Cheddar, Fuller's Golden Pride/Ola Dubh 16y.o. with Colston Bassett Stilton.

If you're feeling mega indulgent - use a bottle of Ola Dubh 12 to marinade a whole Camembert overnight and then bake the cheese in the oven, get some walnut bread to dip in it and serve the Ola Dubh 16 in brandy balloons - heavenly!

Mark said...

"White Shield with Montgomery Cheddar"

That sounds like win right there. I might have to try that. Is there anywhere at the market that sells Montgomery Cheddar?

On the tasting front, would love to come but don't really have the cash at this time of year unfortunately. Do you have any ideas what's planned for 2010 tasting wise yet?


Melissa Cole said...

@Chunk - don't have the final calendar yet as we're trying to get as many overseas brewers as we can, we are hoping to announce January's one before Christmas though.

Montgomery Cheddar available at Neal's Yard, do enjoy!