Wednesday 9 June 2010

Stars & Stripes to Fly Over SW6

Yeh haw! The American Beer Festival is back at the White Horse again this year and looks set to be bigger and better than ever.

Take your taste buds on a trans-Atlantic trip as south west London’s finest beer pub showcases some of the very best America has to offer, including some never before seen on these shores draught beers from respected brewers like Goose Island from Chicago, Yard’s Brewing from Philadelphia, and Flying Dog from Maryland.

The pub will also be bringing over brews from Odell’s, Brooklyn, Blue Moon, Sierra Nevada , Left Hand and Stone. The White Horse is hoping to repeat the success of last year's similarly themed event. Timed to celebrate Independence Day, the fest kicks off on Friday July 2 and will carry on throughout the weekend.

There will be a tremendous choice of the finest American beers, including Goose Island Bourbon County Stout in cask, which will only be served in halves, alongside some extremely special cask beers from the ever anarchic, and always tasty, Flying Dog, including the brewery’s latest offering Raging Bitch – an IPA brewed with Belgian yeast.

There will also be a wide array of keg beers on offer from highly-respected breweries like Sierra Nevada, and also little-known in the UK but nonetheless multi award-winning microbreweries like Yards from Philadelphia..

And, because the White Horse is always all about demonstrating the diversity of British beers as well, they will have beer on handpull from a whole host of English beers that boast an American influence in hop form from breweries like Crouch Vale, Thornbridge and Dark Star.”

Weather permitting the BBQ will be fired up and offering a whole host of American classics, as well as the ever-popular hog roast and, as you would expect from The White Horse, the beer quaffing will be accompanied by appropriate live music from The Steelers and Fallen Heroes, and there will be live barn dancing with Cut a Shine.

The White Horse, 1-3 Parson's Green, London, SW6 4UL T: 020 7736 2115 W: Twitter: @WhiteHorseSW6

* I have been working with the White Horse on this beer festival


crownbrewerstu said...

its nice have a beer festival calibrating my birthday.

crownbrewerstu said...

bloody auto spell checker, that should be celebrating dam it!

Cooking Lager said...

Any Budweiser?

Anonymous said...

Great land in getting the GI BC Stout.. @13% its a big boy..

Sid Boggle said...

Woo, Blue Moon! Will TWHOPG have enough oranges, do you think?

Unknown said...

Sounds amazing. Do we need a ticket do you know?

Anonymous said...

no just turn up and pay up to £7 or £8 pounds a pint if last years fest is anything to go by'

Melissa Cole said...

@James - no ticket needed

@Anonymous - it's only that expensive for beers that are tremendously high ABV, have travelled thousands of miles to be there and are made with really expensive ingredients, have been aged and stored at great expense, time & space - bloody rip-off merchants eh?! You may notice it really ticks me off when people totally undervalue the value of a truly artisan product!!!!!

@Cookie dunno - but you can always sit by yourself on the green with a four-pack! We'll wave!

@bierfesten - that'll be my night, night beer I think!

@Sid - the horror!

Jamie Lynch said...

including some never before seen on these shores draught beers from respected brewers like Goose Island from Chicago, Yard’s Brewing from Philadelphia, and Flying Dog from Maryland.

All of the above are available at the Brauhouse in Edinburgh...!

Melissa Cole said...

Hi Jamie, not sure the Brauhouse has had the Goose Island Bourbon County Stout straight from the Bourbon cask it was aged in, or Flying Dog Raging Bitch on cask, but I could be wrong.

I apologise if that wasn't clear in the text, there's only so much detail you can go into before it becomes a fully-fledged feature!