Friday 21 September 2007

Mon Sherry!

Well, I've just spent a week out in Spain, the sherry triangle to be precise, drinking - well, sherry actually!

I know what you're thinking - sherry? This girl's a beer writer! Well actually as you'll see from my previous post that I don't only write about beer - I'm just a professional dipsomaniac...

Anyway, I had the most amazing time and, believe it or not, seriously enjoyed some of the sherries but I really can't get my head around this spitting business that the wine trade indulge in - what a waste of good booze!

On a beer front it was interesting to note that the UK isn't alone in going for the super-chilled lager option - Spain's Cruzcampo has done the same thing, but it works so much better when the temperatures are in the mid-high 20s, which is something we're unlikely to see again this year.

Rather delightfully I did get to drink some Alhambra Reserva 1925 whilst I was out there which I really like. Malt and honey overtones dominate without being too cloying because there's a lovely long bitter hop balance it all out.

The only problem I have with this beer is that until it gets three inches from the end of your nose it just looks like a green bottle because all it has is embossing which, whilst gorgeous from an aesthetic point of view, is total toilet marketing.

So, don't be detered if, when you are looking in the fridge, there appears to be a plain green bottle - give it a whirl.

Although, thinking about it, make sure you ask first whether it's the Alhambra or you might end up drinking a bottle of the local moonshine!

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Neil said...

Alhambra Reserva 1925...

"This special "reserve" edition of Alhambra is a pleasant surprise, given that it's a Spanish lager. (Let's face it, Spain doesn't know beer!) It's medium sweet with a tasty sweet grapefruit flavour. This, and the abundant sweet fruit alongside citrus make it quite an unusual beer." ...