Tuesday 22 September 2009

American Adventure Has Begun


Right, I'm in Denver and raring to go on the judging front - however that doesn't start until tomorrow so today I'm off on a little adventure.

Had a couple of brews in the Rock Bottom Brewery (as my colleague Glenn texted me very wittily, hit Rock Bottom immediately eh?!) whilst reading Barack Obama's The Audacity of Hope and thoroughly enjoyed their Golden Buffalo - which was indeed an orangey gold, with a good tight head, laced down the glass well, typical American floral/fruit on the nose, a nice orangey bite on the palate and a very, very clean aftertaste - almost like a good pilsner.

I'd love to tell you what the ABV was but all I could elicit from the waitress was 'they are mostly around five except the Falcon' - but she was very sweet and attentive otherwise and I was too tired to give a rat's patootie about the nerdy details!

And today we're off to see the JuJu Ginger Wizard, Eric at Left Hand Brewing, which I'm super-excited about.

Apparently I'm getting on a bus to do this, but fortunately Glenn is here to guide me and given that I managed to get lost finding Rock Bottom last night (walk out the door go straight, take a right after two blocks) I think that's probably a very good thing!

So, this is just the beginning and I'll let you know more when I do!

p.s. If you haven't already, place your cynicism aside and read Obama's first book -
Dreams from My Father - it's an excellent and very personal story from a man with a really fascinating background, who also happens to be President of the USA. This one's a little more heavy-going on the idealogue front but really well-written nonetheless and a good insight into the American political machine.


Hurra Bier! said...

just discovered ju ju ginger last night! very cool that you get to meet the brewer himself!

Julie Herd Goodman said...

Too far to say hello, and my 'real' job prevents me from heading to GABF for the weekend. Enjoy!