Thursday 17 February 2011

Barley's Angels Take Flight to Fight Bad Beer

All the women who independent, thrown your glass up at meee-hee!
Ladies, help fight against bad beer and become founder members of the Barley's Angels London chapter.

What's Barley's Angels? Well, it's a global beer movement just for women and this weekend everywhere from Portland, Oregon to Sydney Australia and the Canadian cities of Toronto and Vancouver to Sao Paulo in Brazil will be throwing their inaugural girls-only shindigs!

As a founder member you'll get money off future events like brewery tours, exclusive women-only meet the brewer events and beer & food matchings - and at the first organised future event you'll also qualify for a very snazzy t-shirt that I'll be modelling on Friday night as well.

The facebook group is here

The future events will be held all over London, including above the fabulous Rake bar in Borough, where our inaugural meeting is Friday February 18 at 6.30pm. 

We are already speaking with Fuller's to organise an unforgettable tasting evening at their Chiswick HQ and with the explosion of great beer bars all over town we will soon be kicking down the doors of places like the White Horse, Euston Tap and Draft House. And for those ladies who are with us from the beginning you'll received a tshirt with our fab and groovy logo on it at future events!

The event on Friday night is just a fiver on the door for a cornucopia of beer and half of that goes to the founding of Pink Boots Society UK, which I will explain more about on the night.

So, independent women, I look forward to seeing you there!

BTW: Barley's Angels being women only doesn't mean we hate men, we just don't like sharing great beer with them! Just kidding, it's about creating a great environment for women to learn more about beer and take that information back to the pub to share or just enjoy for yourself!


Mark N said...

Great initiative. Power to you.

Melissa Cole said...

Cheers Mark : )

Cooking Lager said...

Second that good luck. Can we have a blog post with pictures of pretty girls necking beer and wearing the tight t-shirts?

Real Ale Girl said...

Can't come tomorrow (darn it!) but can I still get involved? I want that T-shirt. And it's a great cause of course!

Vulpine said...

Hi Melissa! This sounds really interesting. I'd like to come along, and drag a couple of others with me - do we need to book our places, or will you just keep squeezing us in until there's no more room left? :)

dredpenguin said...

Great idea...another string to the craft beer bow, if I was eligible I would be there!

Keep spreading the word.

JulieHG said...

Anyone started one in the SF Bay Area yet?

Jolly Butchers said...

Great idea! we hope to see the Barley's Angels down the Butchers some evening.

Jolly Butchers said...

Great idea! hope to see the Barley's Angels down the Butchers one eveneing.

Ken said...

"'s about creating a great environment for women..."

we should (at the very least) 'talk'.

i'm developing a USCIS EB5 Regional Center in 12+2 counties of the Adirondack Watershed to replicate the Oregon craftbeer success story HERE!

and, at the same time, make brewing more inclusive as in pink boots.


Melissa Cole said...

Hi all, just wanted to apologise (again!) I thought I'd turned comment moderation off and hadn't - I wasn't ignoring you, sorry! x