Friday 4 January 2008

Light Harvest

Seeing as it's the time of year when when we are all making ridiculous promises and thinking about diets I thought I'd try the bottle of Harvest Ale the boys at Badger kindly sent me.

For those who don't know of this ale yet it recently won a Tesco Drinks Award in the lo/no alcohol category (one category I always beg organisers not to put me in for judging!) and I'm jolly impressed - I can only presume it totally blew the competition away!

At just 2.5%ABV it's well-hopped and I love the no-nonsense approach they have deeming it the perfect lunchtime pint.

There is an initial slightly sulphorous note to it but that quickly disappates into a lovely refreshing hoppy and slightly fruity finish and is so light on the stomach that it would go well with even the heaviest of winter dishes but I can see it really coming into its own in summer with a zesty lemon chicken salad or seafood straight from the barbie.

All in all if you a looking for something at the opposite end of the scale to a lot of the extreme or strong beers that seem to be invading from overseas (not that I have much objection to that) then I really would recommend it.


scissorkicks said...

I was at a family "do" on Xmas Eve, and tried a bottle of this from a random selection bought for the occasion. Didn't realise it was a low-alcohol brew until I'd finished it. I was surprised at how tasty it was.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just discovered your blog as William Brand linked to it from his blog. Anyway, if you like Harvest ales, try Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale. It's still available in places. It's delicious and fresh.

Anonymous said...

Ah...but then again I just saw that you're a member of the British food writer's guild, so you probably won't get it over the pond. Pity.