Monday 22 February 2010

Breconshire Coming to Borough - Woo Hoo!

lovebeer@borough is welcoming Breconshire Brewery’s Buster Grant to its special Sunday beer 
tasting sessions, to coincide with its neighbour the Rake’s Welsh beer festival on February 28

Justin ‘Buster’ Grant from Breconshire Brewery will be showcasing his award-winning beer range and talking about the history of brewing in his adopted country, as well as showcasing some of his rare whisky barrel-aged beer Ysbrid y Draig.

The beers on show will be:
·         Cribyn – shines like the pale Winter sun and as refreshing as a Spring breeze
·         Golden Valley – this former Champion Beer of Wales is the perfectly balanced bitter
·         Rambler’s Ruin – the name says it all, this dark amber ale is so drinkable it can catch you out!
·         Winter Beacon – a rare flower this beer, a light winter ale that still satisfies those cold month spice cravings
·         Night Beacon – a deeply moorish bottle-conditioned stout with a lightly smoked character, a true heart warmer for any time of the year
·         Ysbrid y Draig – the release of this whisky-aged limited-edition beer is one of beer writer Melissa Cole’s favourite events of the year, fruity, vinous and sweetness is off-set by the softest of spirit finishes

There are just 30 tickets available in total for just £15 for the two tasting sessions at 1pm and 3.30pm and are available from the Rake bar or by calling 020 7379 9461.

*this post is for my beer tasting business*

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