Wednesday 24 March 2010

Fuller's Cask Ale Week News

Just leaving for a meeting so don't have much more time than to quickly say keep a look out for Fuller's 1845 and London Porter specially on cask for Cask Ale Week next week.

If you see 1845 also try and get yourself some cheese at the same time - it takes it from sublime to transcendent as a beer (although Golden Pride is still my fave strong Fuller's beer!).

Bad news is, it's only in Fuller's pubs - sorry about that.


ChrisM said...

Fingers crossed, but I hear a rumour that there will be Fullers 1845, London Porter AND Golden Pride at a beer festival in the North East not so far from now... :-)

ChrisM said...

Also, forgot to ask, what cheese do you recommend!? Subtle or in your face?

Pete said...

Looks like I will be calling in to a Fullers pub for a quick post work pint on at least a few nights during this coming week. I had better pre warn my wife! I'll start in The Antelope, SW1 (just round the corner from my office) tomorrow evening.