Thursday 18 March 2010

Wandsworth Beer Festival

When I was looking for somewhere to hold our wedding reception it quickly became clear to me that I was fighting an uphill battle with places that I was going to see.

Even the venue in Putney where the caterers used to do the Beer Writer's Dinner were about as much help as a chocolate teapot (particularly loved that they sent me emails with the wrong name at the top and then repeated the mistake repeatedly - that's personal service for you!).

So, when I finally gave up going places, sat at my computer and typed an email outlining what I wanted to achieve from the event I got one response back and it was like being greeted by the world's most enthusiastic puppy at the idea of running a beer and food wedding reception from the owner of Le Gothique Mark Justin.

The day was fantastic, the beer and food matches were glorious and the service impeccable - I loved it.

Shortly after our wedding they ran their very first beer festival - sadly we were still on honeymoon for most of it but we made the last day and it was a genuinely jolly affair, with well-kept ales and a nice variety.

So, this year, I heartily encourage to head on down to Le Gothique in the beautiful Royal Victoria Patriotic Building and bag yourself a couple of lovely beers.


Ed said...

I'll be there on the Saturday. It's a great venue for beer festivals and I've enjoyed the previous ones.

Meer For Beer said...

Last years one was really good, nice bunch of people in good surroundings.

Real Ale Girl said...

Amazing- I'm getting married this summer, and when we went to the Halloween Festival at Le Gothique (before we were engaged) my fiance and I both sad what an amazing wedding venue it would be. We have ended up going for a huge pub for our wedding beer festival, but what a place!