Saturday 13 March 2010

Looking for Inspiration this Weekend?

  1. Visit Bar Pepito in King's Cross, Camino's sherry-serving little cousin is yet another triumph from my favourite bar impresario - Richard Bigg - it's tiny and cute and delightful
  2. And whilst we're on the subject of the capital and the sun is out, why not go for a row on the Serpentine, then head to Ye Grapes in Shepherd Market for a pint, and if you're peckish give one of the Lebanese restaurants in the area a whirl
  3. Staying in? Get online and order some beer from Bitter End Brewery - these Cockermouth brewers have produced a refined and technically excellent range of beers that gently lead you by the hand through a fabulous array of flavours - I started with the elegantly refined and aromatic Honey and ended up at the bolshy but bloody marvellous IPA
  4. Once you've done that why not try and make Brian Laugh? If you can hear the Blessed's great burst of guffaws and not at least turn the corners of your mouth up then there's something wrong with you!
  5. Sit down to the rugby with a selection plate of samosas, bhajis and pakoras and enjoy a few bottles of Bengal Lancer from Fuller's from your local supermarket or off licence (or better still in the pub!)

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