Monday 3 August 2009

Here We Go!

It's the most bonkers week in the British beer calendar - it's the Great British Beer Festival - huzzah!

And we've even kicked off the week with some super-positive news, the amount of women trialling cask ale in the UK has doubled from last year! How cool is that?

What really cheers me up about this statistic is that if you put in context of other research done previously about the conversion rate of cask ale triallists it means that more and more women will actually be drinking real ale as their tipple of choice.

The research I'm talking about showed that of those in the 22-44-year-old age bracket trialled cask ale 46% of them went on to drink it regularly.

Now, obviously I'm assuming that the research was done on this age group, this could mean that 14% of the female population in the UK now regularly drink real ale - which is fantastic news.

Because of the paucity of information around beer in this country, on bottles and in pubs, it's often difficult to get women to try great artisan beer because it's outside their comfort zone - but the minute you empower them with knowledge they are off and running to the nearest handpull!

It's my main modus operandi when encouraging women to drink beer and was the tack I tried, & succeeded with, when I entertained a reporter from CityAM recently - which you can read about here.

All this week I will be doing female beer tours at the GBBF again, at 7.30pm every evening, and am hoping for similar amounts of positive feedback that I got last year.

I look forward to meeting you if you are coming on one of these tours and if you are interested in doing so then click the link above and sign up, they are nearly full so don't delay!


Melissa Cole said...

As an aside, just as I was posting this an advert popped up saying : "Stop Drinking Alcohol."

So many jokes, so little time!

Laurent Mousson said...

Wellm, don't believe the hype. 'tis not what Legends are made of. Teetotalleering is much overrated. ;o)

Anna C said...

Melissa, I find this whole subject really interesting and am hoping to write something up about women and ale - is there any chance you'd answer a few questions for me if I emailed them over??
Ta :)

Melissa Cole said...

Hi Anna,
Sure thing, email at melissa.cole(at)



Glenda Young said...

How did it all go? Were there more women there than usual?

Susanna Forbes said...

sounds like a great gig - nice one. I had really wanted to come but family stuff got in the way.
Hope to catch up soon.

Unknown said...
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