Tuesday 12 January 2010

Drie Fonteinen to Blend Not Brew

The Thirsty Pilgrim reports that Drie Fonteinen is to halt brewing its own lambic but will be launching a distillery.

To cut a long story short, as you can read the whole of it on Thirsty's blog, a disasterous loss of over 100,000 bottles of Drie Fonteinen caused the owner Armand Debelder to rethink the strains on his time of brewing as well as blending and, because he had to try and salvage some of the beer lost, he very cleverly decided to take the spoilt geueze to a nearby distillery to see what they could make of it, and apparently the answer was something really quite nice!

The resulting distillation is an eau de vie called Spirit D'Armand, is 40%ABV and is described by the Thirsty Pilgrim as 'dangerously smooth' - sounds both great and scarey!

Anyway, I wish the proprietor every luck in the world, he will continue using his blendign skills, which means there will still be quality geueze coming from the name Drie Fonteinen and he will get some sort of work/life balance to enjoy with his new wife.


Tandleman said...

Wouldn't fancy tipping 100.000 bottle out.

Melissa Cole said...

I'd have cried!