Tuesday 26 January 2010

Starlight, Star Bright, First (Dark) Star I Drink Tonight

Okay, so it won't be tonight, it's this afternoon, but I'm very excited to be off to the opening of the new Dark Star Brewing HQ to see where I'll be brewing a hugely exciting beer with the lovely head brewer Mark Tranter in the not too distant future (I hope!).

The concept of supping Hop Head at the brewery is something that a lot of beer lovers only dream of, there are times when I love my job beyond belief!

Anyway, sorry about that, I promise to update with pictures and possibly even video later today or tomorrow (depends how long it takes me to work out my new toy!).

1 comment:

Paul Bailey said...

I'm jealous. Love Dark Star beers. Enjoy and report back to us less fortunate mortals!