Monday 18 January 2010

Home Brew? Here's One for You!

Some clever bod called PJ Hoberman (great name) has come up with this very user-friendly online forum for homebrewers called

Although I can't homebrew myself due to space restrictions - i.e. way too much fishing and cricket gear already occupying my fifth floor flat - I will be checking in on it for when I can finally take the plunge!


Mark said...

Keen home brewer here. Thanks, will check it out. :)

Sean Ayling said...

Fully approve of cricket gear cluttering up a flat but, if you've got room for a standard sized under counter fridge (without ice box), you've got room to make homebrew. Happy to demonstrate any time you're in Whitstable.

Storing the bottles might be a pain in the bum but I bet they last as long in your flat as they do in my bungalow.