Thursday 7 January 2010


Right, I'm watching the final throws of the test match and am finding it very stressful, which made me think that if I was to have a beer to calm my nerves (not that I'm going to, by myself, at home, at 3.30 in the afternoon!), what would I have to drink, so I've put a list of my top five relaxing beers below, I'd love to know what you all think.

  1. Fuller's Chiswick - when the day needs to be to washed away with a pint or four!
  2. Dark Star HopHead - for bunking off during summer afternoons to sit in the pub garden
  3. Ola Dubh 16 - for weather like this, preferably in front of a real fire, bung it in a brandy balloon and savour for ages
  4. Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - a chocolatey Bourbon cuddle in a glass, serve as above!
  5. Rochefort 10 - to be savoured with friends (no website I'm afraid)


David B said...

I'm watching as well! I'm far from relaxing! But, considering there's a good foot and a half of snow outside, I'd happily take a Bourbon County Stout right now. Need some warmth!

Rob said...

Fullers Chiswick was one of the beers that made me fall in love with beer. You can hardly get it in the Northeast compared to London. Better check out this cricket then, or am I better not knowing?

Melissa Cole said...

@David B Thank god for that, what a game!

@Rob - it's all over, we've drawn and we take a 1-nil lead into the last match of the series!!! Sadly Chiswick isn't as widely available as I'd like it to be, even in Fuller's pubs sometimes, it's a real shame.

Sam said...

What a stressfull test match finish again!

I walked past my local on the way home from the shops today and saw they had Doombar on as Guest ale. But it would mean a 5 minute walk in the feeezing cold...

Hmm what to do.

Melissa Cole said...

@Sam Five minutes well spent freezing your tush off in my book!

Sean Ayling said...

Cricket and Beer, a marriage made in heaven. Luckily all I have to do is walk to the end of the garden to pour a pint of "Scammonden Dark" rom my homebrew keg. Another brilliantly edgy finish, the cricket not the beer.

Melissa Cole said...

@Seanipops - very jealous, although I'm exactly bereft of beer, I want my own brewing shed! Not really feasible in a fifth floor flat in London though!

Sean Ayling said...

It started as a hobby in March last year but it has quickly turned into an obsession. I have brewer's OCD and have been been brewin at the rate of a kit a week since September.

I've been trying to persuade my wife to let me build another shed to double my storage capacity but she says it'll spoil the view.

What about a brewing verandah?