Monday 11 January 2010

Rediscovering Old Friends

After deciding that freezing our tushes off in the Bricklayer's Arms was a bad idea last night, we wandered over to the Duke's Head on the river for a couple of pints instead and I rediscovered Young's Winter Warmer on cask (5%).

I'd forgotten how much I like this beer, particularly on a cold night, it's not a 'big' as a lot of other winter beers but that isn't a bad thing when you want a few of them. Warmly spicy, choc/coffee notes, a slight red berry bitterness and a nice dry bitter finish.

If you get the chance, give it a warming whirl!


Pete said...

Youngs Winter Warmer used to be quite superb when it was brewed at Wandsworth, I used to count the days until it started. Since moving to Bedford Winter Warmer has lost its complexity in my opinion but is still quite quaffable.

Paul Bailey said...

Must be a couple of years since I last had a pint of Winter Warmer. Unfortunately there are no pubs selling it in this part of Kent. Come to think of it Old Ales are pretty thin on the ground around here. I can't help but feel that landlords are losing out in this cold weather by not stocking these darker beers; so for that matter are drinkers!

@zatytom said...

Winter Warmer is a fave of mine - massive shame they haven't done the "Christmas Pudding Ale" this year though - I was a big fan of that last year and several places I've been have mentioned how they havent been able to get it this year.

We were in the Bricklayers on Saturday - one of my local-ish faves, and checked out Citizen Smith too - I rather liked it and shall most definitely be back!

Melissa Cole said...

@Pete - I agree it doesn't have the depth of mouthfeel that it used to have, and am I crackers or did it used to be stronger?

@zatytom - the last time I had Christmas Pudding Ale two years ago it was awful, it tasted like Mongozo Coconut, I told the W&Y this was the case, haven't seen it since! Will find out where it's gone for you.

@zatytom said...

The barman at the Robin Hood in Sutton said it hadn't been done this year due to a lack of demand, so I guess I was the only one who liked it. It was *very* puddingy, I suppose.

Also, re: Winter Warmer, I too have a feeling it used to be stronger.

Oblivious said...

Youngs Winter Warmer is apparently the last of the Burton beers produced in its current guise. A small bit of history there and I believe a direct decedent of the KK ales

Melissa Cole said...

@Zatytom - got a comment on the lack of Christmas Pud ale for you: "Here at Wells and Youngs we constantly strive to source the very best ingredients in order to brew the finest beers.

"Unfortunately the ingredients used to brew Young's Christmas Pudding Ale were not available this year leaving us unable to brew. We are also very disappointed that the beer is not available for this Christmas, however we will endeavour to source the necessary ingredients and review our position for Christmas 2010."