Tuesday 5 January 2010

Howe Makes You Strong!

Well, these should be an interesting experiment - if you think BrewDog were a little mental, check out what Stuart Howe is planning for his homebrew kit!

To be honest, adore & respect the man as I do, I'm a little worried at the concept of an offal beer - although it could finally give me the answer to a question I've long wondered about.

You know how, wherever you go in the world, you get given a drink that is (invariably) some sort of local firewater with something gross in it like snake's blood, butterfly saliva or beetle's gonad and the bartender & locals always go into fits of laughter if it's ordered, make lots of rude gestures and follow this with a variation of the phrase 'makes you strong!'?

All right, it's normally aimed at blokes but, given that nearly all my travelling is done with fellas, (it's the job people, get your mind out of the gutter for this bit) I've heard it in about eight different countries and read about a lot more.

So, my point is, perhaps this has just enough disgusting ingredients for the UK to finally have something that falls into that cateogry - or perhaps that'll be the shellfish stout?

Well, there's only going to be one way to find out!

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